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Standing Up For The Vocal Majority…

March 5, 2012

So I’m sitting here watching ‘The Celebrity Apprentice” (Yes, I am as susceptible to shitty TV as any of you), and something struck me as funny.  One of the female contestants, a former Miss Universe contestant from the South American country of “Whogivesashit”, mentioned that the charity she is competing for is the “Latin Commission on AIDS”, which is apparently a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting AIDS awareness, education, and medical services to those in the Latin community that are suffering from HIV and/or AIDS.  In fact, let me give it to you straight from the Chihuahuas mouth:

“The Latino Commission on AIDS is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS in the Latino community.”

Mission statement: Latino commission on AIDS, website here

Fine.  Whatever.  It got me thinking though. What if I were to go on TV and announce to Donald Trump that I was on his show representing my favorite charity, “Helping Out Neglected Kaucasion Youth” (HONKY), which provides support for underprivildged white children?  Yannow what Trump would say?  Something like this:

“Wait, who the fuck are you?  Your not a D-list celebrity!  Get the hell out of here!” Then I would grab as many free hors d’oeuvres as I could stuff in my pockets and jump out the window, Mission: Impossible style.

But more to the point, how do you think the rest of the country would react if my charity was devoted solely to the advancement of any social cause, but only in the white community?  I think we know the answer to that.  There would be outrage.  There would be a demand by the liberal PC police that I denounce my chosen charity.  The charity would be destroyed by the media and the talking heads, and it would be portrayed as racist, and elitist.  So why the double standard?  I’ve always seen the ad campaigns that remind me that AIDS knows no social boundaries, so why should the causes to help fight it distinguish between races?

Now, I am not a racist (<–lie) and I really have no problem with the work the Latino commission does.  Good for them.  It seems they do noble work and should be commended.  My problem is with the societal double standard.  And it exists everywhere.  Let’s imagine what would happen if someone were to introduce the following concepts:

–  A new cable channel that celebrates the contributions of White people in the entertainment industry.  White Entertainment Television…

–  Let’s have “White History Month”.  We could incorporate it into a month that already has a “White” holiday like March (St. Patrick’s Day), or September (Labor Day)…

–  How about a sport, designed for and played primarily by white guys?  Maybe something on ice,  with men carrying sticks and chase around a small black disk.  Oh, wait…

–  How about a philanthropist start a white kid college fund, giving scholarships to needy, deserving white kids?

–  I would suggest a “White Caucus” in congress, but we already have that.  It’s called the senate…

Now obviously, these suggestions are sarcastic and pretty strange.  Yet, somehow, they are completely acceptable in the forms of Black Entertainment Television, and The “United Negro College Fund”, and the entire landscaping industry.  And I don’t blame minorities for looking out for their own neighborhoods.  I blame the guilty white people who determined that white be the only race that is supposed to live in shame, never able to express any sense of pride.  The irony, of course, is that the members of the liberal PC community are truly the ones keeping racism alive in this country.

Of course, the second most important thing I have learned watching the Apprentice on Monday nights is that I really, REALLY miss football…

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