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No One Knows…

March 26, 2012

Before we get too far into this, there is one very important fact that I must disclose, and I cannot emphasize enough how important this is to this particular post:

I don’t know what happened the night Trayvon Martin was killed.

Martin, in case you have been too busy ripping bong hits for the past month, is the unarmed seventeen year old black kid that was shot and killed in Sanford, Florida about a month ago by George Zimmerman, a Hispanic neighborhood watch Captain (They have ranks? And how does one become a “Captain”? Is he the one with the brightest flashlight?”). And other than the facts I just laid out, I know nothing of how, or why, it happened. Was it self-defense, or a hate crime? The act of a desperate man in fear for his life? Or was it the act of a cold-blooded assassin? I don’t know. And you know what? Here is where we get to the really important part:You don’t know either. Neither does Al Sharpton, nor Keith Olbermann, nor Jesse Jackson, nor Piers fucking Morgan, nor Geraldo Riviera, nor Bill Maher, nor Rick Scott or even Barrack Obama. Athletes like Ray Lewis and Patrick Ewing don’t know. No one knows. Except George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. And one of them is dead.

There are a handful of witnesses that have relayed varying stories to the police, but none have iron-clad proof of anything. There are theories, and guesses and hypotheses, but at the end of the day, none of us know anything for sure.

No one knows, yet there have been protests, and marches and rallies calling for the arrest, and seemingly immediate conviction, of George ZImmerman. No one knows, and yet the Black Panther Party, and its president Malik Muhammad, have issued a $10,000 bounty for Zimmerman’s head in the form of a “Wanted:Dead or Alive” poster (Side note: Does anyone else find it impossible to say “Wanted:Dead or Alive” without singing it in a Bon Jovi voice?) No one knows, yet there is the Reverend Al standing behind Trayvons Martins mother at every press conference nodding his huge melon like some sort of oversized, char-broiled, bobble head doll. Threats of violence, and rioting, and looting, while all the while one thing remains painfully true: No one knows.

In fact, I guarantee that if you showed up at any of these “Million Hoodie” rallies across the country and asked a hundred random protesters about the facts of the case, no more than two or three would be able to tell you any more than I did at the beginning of this post. They are there because it’s trendy, and popular, and because they were incited to by those that presume to lead them. So they follow. Blindly. And dangerously. Need proof? Listen to all the protesters yelling about the “tyranny of the white man”, when the almost comical reality is that George Zimmerman isn’t white. So I’m just wondering, um, how is whitey getting the blame this time? Ignorance and knee-jerk reactionism, that’s how.

And just so we are clear, these “leaders” have formed nothing more than a modern-day lynch mob. An angry crowd that demands swift justice without investigation, trial, or due process of any kind. You can dress it in any kind of political racial rhetoric you like, but it’s a lynch mob, plain and simple. Don’t believe me? Go ask Jesse Jackson how he would classify it if George Zimmerman was black, Martin white, and the KKK put a bounty on the head of the black shooter before he were tried, or even arrested. He would shout out “Lynch Mob” before you had a chance to figure out where his lazy eye was pointing.

And I’m curious: Why this case? Why now? Why aim all of your outrage at Zimmerman, and the Sanford police department? What about the 9 month old boy who was killed in a gang related drive by in Detroit last month (Story here)? Doesn’t he deserve a rally? Or the twelve-year-old girl, also from Detroit, that was shot and killed last month? Shouldn’t her perpetrators be “Wanted: Dead or Alive”? I guess not, because until I started researching this post, I had never heard of them. Not enough political leverage to be gained by exploiting those families victims, I guess. Marching against black-on-black violence, even when it is children that are being killed, doesn’t get Mr. Farrakhan enough headlines, I guess.

Now let’s be clear. If George ZImmerman, after a proper police investigation and jury trial, is found guilty of this crime, I will be the first in-line calling for his execution. Acts like the one the mob is accusing him of obviously have no place in the world. I am not saying he is innocent. He maybe be an absolute monster, but no one knows…Yet.

Americans are supposed to be better than this. We are supposed to stand for things like due process, and justice, and the criminal justice system that separates us from the rest of the world, and elevates us above it. Who will march for rational thought? Who will protest for the Constitution? Who will stand up and remind us that justice is not carried out in the newspapers, or on street corners, or during press conferences? Problem is…No one knows.

  1. You may catch some flak for this one, but I couldn’t agree more.

    If the investigators found evidence that it was a heartless cold-blooded killing, he would have been arrested.

    We don’t know and shouldn’t condemn him until we do.

    • Thats all I’m saying. And all of this protesting im sure is making it more difficult to do a proper investigation. The guy may be guilty, but we should let the process play out before we call for the guys execution…

  2. Jennifer permalink

    At this point I’d be happy if the mainstream and “new” media (from the left AND right) would just stop reporting hearsay as facts and posting information like Trayvon’s supposed Twitter account (what the heck does his Twitter account have to do with anything?) This case reminds me so much of what happened with the Duke Lacrosse players, who were tried and convicted by the media with the help of the same publicity hounds you mention in this blog and a bloodthirsty prosecutor. This time the bloodthirsty are people like the Black Panthers with a $10,000 bounty and Spike Lee posting Zimmerman’s address on Twitter (WTF?!!).

    Of course, my heart aches for this boy and his family; that should go without saying! I live in a racially mixed middle class neighborhood where kids are always out and about walking morning, noon, and yes even at night. And yes, they wear hoodies all the time. I mean duh, they’re teenagers. In Virginia Beach (at least in the part I live in) it’s so common that nobody thinks twice about it. I would be horrified and saddened if something like what happened to Trayvon happened here, but I would want due process, not a media circus.

    • Game. Set. Match right there…Nicely done.

      • Jennifer permalink

        Thanks, you Arrogant SOB! (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

        Seriously, though. This in no way is siding with Zimmerman. I do feel the need to point that out (although I shouldn’t feel the need). I just want due process under the law.

        I read today that Spike Lee retweeted AN address, but it wasn’t even Zimmerman’s. It was some woman’s. It’s bad enough to retweet Zimmerman’s address, but now in addition to the bounty already on Zimmerman’s head, some woman’s life might be in danger.

        My sister pointed out to me that the reason Martin’s twitter account was reported was to show that he’s not the angel his parents and the media made him out to be. I can see the point in doing that, even though I don’t necessarily agree that it’s necessary. I will say, though, until I really started paying attention to the story, I thought Trayvon Martin was a 13 year old boy when he got shot and that Zimmerman was a white vigilante who targeted Trayvon. Why? Because the media mainly shows pics of him when he was around that age and they are pushing a narrative that brings them ratings. The supposed “objective” media is trying to drum up emotions instead of reporting confirmed facts. They love to report hearsay and speculate. And the public eats it up. So many examples are out there of media malpractice. This is what happened after Hurricane Katrina when they were reporting that the SuperDome was full of rapes, murders, and cannibals.

        My anger about this case is directed at the media more than anything else. They suck. I take everything I hear on the news with a grain of salt. They hardly ever get the story right.

        In the end, if Zimmerman is vindicated by the facts, it won’t matter. The story will end up in two paragraphs on the back page of every newspaper. It will be an afterthought by then, just like it was with the Duke Lacrosse players, whose lives were nearly ruined by lies and hearsay.

  3. Jillgeorge permalink

    Well said! (This is me commenting again, which is very brave of me since before, when I questioned something that you said, I was told by you that this apparently wasn’t the site for me and one of the commenters said I obviously had “zero personality.”)

    • Glad you stuck around. And I didnt say apparently it wasnt the place for you, just that if you found the other post offensive, my “guess” was that it wasnt the place for you. I hope you didnt think I was trying to be dismissive or condescending. It’s just that I know not everyone appreciates my sense of humor, and I have no problem with that. My message basically was that sometimes I try to be insightful, while many other times I just like trying to be funny, sarcastic and ironic. A lot of people have been referred here by parenting sites and may be under the impression that this is a strictly parenting site, which it is not. I wasnt trying to come off combative. My second comment was a ittle snarky, but relax, I dont really blow through red lights as a habit. Just dont tell anyone. I am trying to protect a reputation, yannow?

  4. Lisa permalink

    You are right, only they know, and one of them cannot tell their side of the story. The fact is a child is dead, and the POLICE need to find out what happened, not the media. I am with you, if he is guilty, I will be calling for a “fryin”.
    My heart hurts for the parents, but I do not want to see an innocent man put to death if he was defending himself.

  5. I wish both sides (Zimmerman supporters and Trayvon supporters) would stop with the “racist” talk. Zimmerman’s friends and family keep saying he isn’t racist. Trayvon supporters call it a hate crime. Whether Zimmerman is racist or not is completely irrelevant in my opinion. Plenty of people make assumptions based on race (good and bad) and aren’t racist. Focusing on whether Zimmerman is racist or not just muddies the water. Profiling comments I can mostly agree with but racism is a whole different issue. Regardless, as a mom my heart truly aches for Trayvon’s mom.

  6. vikki riobe permalink

    George Zimmerman IS NOT Puerto Rican!!!!!!!!!!

    • Well, take it up with the Huffington Post, cause two months ago when
      This was written, they had him as Puerto Rican. If that information is/was inaccurate, all it does is further prove the point of the essay. Though the details of his heritage, whether PR or Peruvian or whatever, really couldn’t be less important to the point of the post…

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