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What’d I Miss? 3/23-3/30

March 31, 2012

A brief review of what’s been going on this past week…


The Best Way To Get Your Kid Punched In The Face

I’ve talked before about what shitty parents many of you are, and how unprepared your children are going to be whenever it is that they are forced to exist in the real world.  Recently, I heard something so preposterous, I had to triple check the information, because I was sure someone was bullshitting me.  However, after a painstaking research process (A little less than six minutes), the information was confirmed and my faith in humanity lessened.


Ubuntu (The first offering in the new “Eat Me” restaurant review section at

 You asked for it, you GOT IT!  (No one asked for it).  In addition to the all the other nonsense that’s going on around here, I figure that restaurant reviews aren’t the worst idea in the world.  And why not?  Food is probably the one thing I seem to have an aptitude for (eating it, not cooking it), and it’s what my wife and I enjoy doing more than anything else.  Yep, anything else, even THAT. (Why does your mind always go to the bedroom, you freaks?)
Before we get too far into this, there is one very important fact that I must disclose, and I cannot emphasize enough how important this is to this particular post:

I don’t know what happened the night Trayvon Martin was killed.


Eat Me: “Celadon” Napa, CA

 Below is the second installment of the new restaurant review section.  This meal was exactly 24 hours after our vegetarian debacle from the night before, as reviewed in the first “Eat Me” post.  At this time, your humble host and his wife were still experiencing the snobbish, alcoholic nirvana that is Napa Valley.  Check it out:

This is something I have been meaning to put together for a while, but for some reason, keep putting off. It’s probably out of season, Christmas and Hanukkah having been months ago, but I figure birthdays happen every day, so why not try to let people know the best way to save some of their money, and a parents sanity.

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