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Fuck These People…

April 26, 2012

OK, this is gonna be a quick one, but I thought it was worth mentioning.  Check out the douchenozzles in the video below.  It’s not on YouTube, and I am a computer Mongoloid, so I am forced to just post a link.  Check it out here.

Now, I have gone on and on ad nauseam about never spoiling kids or rewarding a temper tantrum, but what the fuck is wrong with these people?  It’s a stupid used baseball and it would make the two-year old ridiculously happy, even if just for a few minutes.  And then they sit there while the kid is crying, taking pictures of each other and making out.

I hope these people die and I don’t feel the least bit bad about it.  I hope at the next Rangers home game, this bitch catches a foul ball right in the mouth and loses all of her teeth.  Also, I hope she lost all her money in one of those e-mail scams that only the monumentally fucking stupid would ever fall for.  Like the one about the exiled Nigerian prince looking to launder 50 million dollars and needs her bank account info.  Then, after draining her checking account of everything she has ever earned, I hope the con man emails her a photo of a high-class Vegas hooker snorting blow off his dick, just so she can see how her money is being spent.

This way, being broke and stupid,  she can’t afford any cosmetic dentistry.  Let’s see how many pictures she poses for then…

OK.  That was all.  Now back to your regularly scheduled broadcast day…

  1. Shermanmomma permalink


  2. Jennifer permalink

    This is why I love going to minor league baseball games. Adults in the stands usually find a kid to give the ball they catch to. The kids are usually over the moon because in their minds, the minor league players are AWESOME! I think they’re pretty awesome, too, because they’re not yet steroid junkies like their major league counterparts.

    • I agree. And you can take a family of four for about fifty bucks, food included. Definitely the way to go with younger kids…

      • Jennifer permalink

        That’s true! We sometimes pay even less because there are deals & coupons all the time.

  3. Siobhan permalink

    I just saw this earlier today! So glad you posted about it, because it is seriously fucked up. These people need to get over themselves and realize they are in fact douchenozzles. And as I read/write this – ABC just had the clip on world news tonight. I’m glad the whole country will know they are a bunch of assholes.

    • Siobhan permalink

      They just aired the story, along with a comment from the doucheman. He claims “had we seen the child was so upset, we would have given him the ball” PUHLEAZE! Anyone who’s ever been around a kid who’s crying knows they don’t do it quietly. There’s no way they didn’t know the kid was upset. What a dick.

  4. Wow, these people are complete asshats. That pisses me off. Must have been hard for the little boy’s parents not to slap the smug toothy grins off their faces. But they look like nice people.

  5. Leigh permalink

    I wish the right fielder would have thrown the kid another ball and made a specific gesture to the couple holding the first one to back the fuck off. I would have loved to shame them on national TV.

  6. Jennifer permalink

    Ok, it turns out the douchenozzles weren’t so douchey after all and the parents of the 3 year old are my kinda parents who wanted to teach their son that he can’t get everything he wants all the time.

    • Yeah I saw that too, but theyre full of shit when they say they didn’t know the kid was upset. Everyone who has kids knows how loud that kid was and they were 18 inches away. They still should have offered the kid the ball and let the parents turn them down If they wanted to…

  7. Christy permalink

    I have a kid about that age. I TOTALLY get what everyone is saying… but why is everyone so concerned about REWARDED the WHINY child with the prize? If you kick up a big enough tantrum, here you go, little guy! Well executed hissy-fit! Why is there this rule about handing everything over to the kids? If it lands, quite literally in my lap, I need to seek out the nearest tantrum throwing toddler so that I’m not considered a douche? I’m a mom. I reward my kids for good behavior. They stand in line and wait their turns at things. Tantrums for stuff that they want are not tolerated. Why do we as a society badger people who don’t roll over for kids? Is it any wonder kids these days feel so entitled? Really… I think that is where this leads. Anyways. Just my 2 cents. Not that anyone cares!

    • I agree with you in general. And if it was my kid, he wouldn’t get the ball. But if it’s a little kid sitting next to me, I’m going to give the parents the option, not pose for pictures and pat myself right in front of the kid. That’s what makes it shitty. If they offered the kid the ball and the parents turned it down, I respect everyone involved, but that’s not what happened here. They flaunted the ball in front of the kid and ignored how upset the kid was…

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