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May 27, 2012

For some reason not entirely clear to me, I just spent a few minutes going through some old Facebook posts of mine and found this.  It was a chain letter, essentially, that was being passed around a while back that asked for the top fifteen albums of all time.  Thought it might be worth sharing.  The instructions at the top stated to just list fifteen albums, but because I am me, and I NEVER use ten words when 25 are available to me, I added a brief reasoning in parenthesis after each album.  Feel free to add your own, or criticize me.  You should know, though, that anyone who disagrees with even one of these albums is wrong, plain and simple…

15 Albums

1. Everclear-Sparkle and Fade (The Bible, essentially)









2. Tool-Aenima (60 minutes of non-stop creative genius and sociological angst.  If you can’t see the brilliance here, I dont think we should be friends anymore)










3. Orbit-Libido Speedway (The greatest album you’ve probably never heard.  Do yourself a favor…)







4. The Pixies-Doolittle (Any Pixies album would have been fine here, so I just picked the first one I listened to)







5. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Fever To Tell (The lead singer is the hottest ugly woman on the planet…And the guitar riffs are ridiculous)








6. Bad Religion-Stranger Than Fiction (All of my opinions on politics, society, and organized religion began to form the first time I heard this band.  So blame Greg Graffin, not me)








7. Ani Difranco-Dilate (Some of the angriest, and most beautiful, vocals I have ever heard)









8. Nirvana-Nevermind (I know its cliché, but its a classic for a reason)

(Image withheld.  Posting pictures of baby wieners makes me uncomfortable)


9. Pearl JamTen (See Above)








10. Everclear-World of Noise (Raw.  No other way to describe this perfectly under-processed masterpiece)









11. Our Lady Peace-Naveed (Gotta love Canada:  Bacon, Molson, Hockey, Our Lady Peace, Michael J. Fox…Wait, what?)










12.Placebo-Without You I’m Nothing (This album actually makes you want to freebase heroin…I’m not exactly sure why)










13.Radiohead-The Bends (Thom Yorke is the one guy I wouldn’t even hesitate giving a blowjob to.  Just saying…)










14. Red Hot Chili Peppers-Californication (I know I’ll get a fight out of this, but I just think it’s better than Blood Sugar Sex Magik)










15. Morphine- Cure For Pain (This album was the first time it ever really occurred to me that you don’t need a guitar to make rock n’ roll)










Honorable Mention: Arcade Fire – The Suburbs:  Since this list was published a few years ago, Arcade Fire had not yet released “The Suburbs”, which is a fucking fantastic album.  I cannot yet include it on this list though, because it is only a little over a year old.  I’m like the baseball hall of fame:  Gotta be at least a few years old so I can see how the album holds up over time and how it fits into historical musical context.

  1. I can get onboard with The Pixies, Nirvana and Ani DeFranco. Like me now?
    PS…where are The Black Keys?

    • I’m nosing around the Black Keys like my dog does when I offer her food she’s unfamiliar with. Not ready to jump in yet, but still not shying away either…

      • Josh Terpstra permalink

        Black Keys are awesome. Rubber Factory is a great album and Dan Auerbach’s solo stuff is great too. Nirvana, pearl jam, tool I’m on board. That Tool album is a master class in music.

      • Go on and take a big bite of The Black Keys ASOB, you’ll be glad you did! You’ll want to listen to “Gold On the Ceiling” like…a LOT. And “Lonely Boy”.

  2. Amanda permalink

    Gotta have strung out’s twisted by design. Good choice on The Pixies.

  3. I agree with everything there, except for the albums I have no opinion on.

    I will start a fight on SOOOOOO many other things, but getting into arguments about music makes me want to punt kittens, and I fuckin’ love kittens.

  4. Oh – and I see a distinct lack of Tom Petty here. “Mojo”. Trust me on this.

    • I like Tom Petty. Not a love affair, but I like him alot. In fact, one of the best outdoor shows I ever saw was Petty on a perfect July night. Nothin but respect for Petty…

  5. I agree: black keys are so awesome. I would have also added Beastie Boys-License to Ill, but it seems kind of contrary to your current list of alternative rock.

    • Beastie Boys are in the same category for me as Led Zeppelin and the Foo Fighters. Bands who I respect the hell out of for their talent, but never really meant all that much to me….

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