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We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Program…

June 10, 2012

Let’s take a quick break from the standard brand of irreverent debauchery to be (relatively) serious for a quick second.  Yesterday, someone posted a link on Facebook to a donation sight for a girl I knew a long time ago that was recently diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma. (Or is it “an” invasive ductal carcinoma?  Look, I’m not really all that bright.)  For those of you that don’t watch “Scrubs”, that means breast cancer.

Now, I’m not gonna lie.  I don’t really know this girl, aside from the few years we spent together in elementary school 25 years ago.  So I won’t make up some melodramatic sob story to play to your emotions.  For all I know, she spends her spare time pissing on homeless guys and stealing from the Muscular Dystrophy collection jars at the local deli.  What I do know is that this is a thirty-four year old woman with a husband, two small kids, and a mountain of present and future medical bills to look forward to.  Not to mention a potentially prolonged physical and emotional battle that I can’t even really identify with (Luckily).   All on top of a full course load in nursing school, which apparently, she plans to continue during treatment.

I’m also not going to preach from atop a soapbox like I gave her five grand.  I sent her $25, which doesn’t exactly make me Mother fuckin Theresa, but according to her, every little bit helps.   And I figure $25 won’t get me out of my impending eternity in Hell, but it may get me a room with a better view.

So I am posting a link to this site below.  If you feel like taking a second, give it a quick look, as it gives a little back story.  Also, and obviously no judgement if you can’t or won’t, if you feel the desire to send her a few dollars (It’s a secure credit card transaction through PayPal), I’m sure she and her family would be extraordinarily appreciative.  If not, then we’ll just go back to insulting fat people, minorities, and goofy uptight white folks shortly, no harm, no foul…Oh, and if you want to just send “prayers”, I guess go ahead, but let’s not pretend for a second that that is going to help put food in her kids mouths, or help pay for one fucking radiation treatment.    Don’t agree with me?  Try sealing a prayer into your payment envelope to Visa, or say a prayer when the receptionist at the doctors office demands a copay.  See how far that gets you.  Here is the link to the site.

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