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This Is Who You Are Raising, America…

June 21, 2012

There’s a video that is getting passed around today.  I don’t know if it’s reached “viral” status yet, but it’s certainly making the rounds.  Take a look:

Maddening, isn’t it?  Little fucks.  I hope every one of these kids somehow ends up in a locker room shower with Jerry Sandusky.  See how funny they think they are then.  However, something struck me as I was watching this.  There is something more troubling than just the actions on the video, and it represents a much larger problem.  Simply stated, these kids are not afraid.  And that reflects directly on the parents that are raising them, and the culture that coddles them.

When I was a kid, I had a tendency to be mischievous.  I was sarcastic (shocking) and I was defiant.  I smoked my first cigarette at fourteen (although didn’t inhale till sixteen), lied to my parents constantly, and generally was up to no good a lot of the time.  Yet I NEVER would have done something like this.  Not because I was a good kid with some hyper-sensitive moral compass, but because my father would have beaten the shit out of me.  Then my mother wold have come home, and went directly to the closet for a hanger.  Then they would have taken turns.  One would yell while the other swung.  Every privilege I had earned to that point would be stripped for a prolonged period of time, and every possession I cherished would have been destroyed in front of me.  And I would have deserved every single goddamn second of it.

These kids, however, obviously have no fear of any real consequence (They filmed it for Christs sake), which surely is the result of a lifetime of being pampered and snuggled, regardless of behavior.  This is the result of parents that make excuses for bad behavior, rather than correct it.  This is the result of parents that are too busy blaming others  for their asshole kids (teachers, coaches, other parents) to ever take the time to realize that the most accurate person to blame is really as close as the nearest mirror.

This is who our kids became when “timeouts” replaced spankings.

This is who our kids became when Prozac replaced punishment.

This is who our kids became when “self-esteem” became more important than accountability.

This is who our kids became when Ritalin replaced respect.

The dirty looks  my parents gave me that said “Knock it off asshole” when I was a kid are now reserved for the parent who has the audacity to give a kid a smack on the ass when they are misbehaving in public.

The kids on that video don’t know punishment.  They don’t know real consequence and they don’t know deprivation.  What they know is that this episode, just like all others, will be swept under the rug and never mentioned again as long as they offer a half-assed apology.  Any real anger their parents have will be a result of the embarrassment their children caused at the country club, rather than the pain and humiliation their children inflicted on an elderly woman.

So the next time you excuse bad behavior because “boys will be boys”, or fail to follow through on the punishment you have now threatened a thousand times, take a good look at this video.  This is who you are raising, America…

  1. Siobhan permalink

    Wow, that was disgusting. Those kids are an absolute disgrace. It’s seeing things like that, that make me really hope that Karma exists & will come around and bite them in the ass. I hope that email address on the video is real, bc they’re going to hear from me and I hope everyone else to see that video.

  2. Susan permalink

    Wow…I couldn’t even finish watching that video because I was shining with anger. I got to the part whet they grabbed her hair and had to sto because my first thought was I would beat the shit out of a kid if they put their hands on me like that. You’re right, kids now have no fear and feel like they can and should be able to do anything they want. It’s going to lead to bad things and I’m afraid for the future because they are eventually going to be in charge.

  3. Lauren permalink

    That is appalling. I can’t believe it kept going on and on. I would beat my child senseless if they had anything to do with that. That poor bus attendant showed some massive restraint in not slapping those kids. She probably would have been fired for it, too, which is also a tragedy. This is just awful. I’ll be emailing that principal demanding to know what punishment was given to those boys. I hope they were expelled, or at least suspended. They need to be banned from permanently riding the bus. Maybe then the parents will step up and do something since the will now have to drive their kids to school everyday.

  4. Lauren permalink

    banned permanently from*

  5. Susan permalink

    This video is everywhere…Matt Lauer was practically in tears when he interviewed this lady. You are right when you say we should be fearful of the future…entitlement…that’s the motto of the kids coming up!!! About your parents spanking you…don’t forget the neighbors who would rat you out for things they saw you do…now a neighbor would be vandalized and worse on facebook if they said a word. I love this world but it scares me too!!

  6. Teach08 permalink

    As a teacher, I wouldn’t say scenes like this are the “norm”, but they are fairly close. Unfortunately, this sort of thing is not at all uncommon. I hope this woman takes every cent offered her (including the family trip to Disneyland, courtesy of Southwest) and enjoys the shit out of it. She’s earned it.

  7. Disgusting, and unfortunately not all that uncommon. Disrespect flourishes everywhere I look. The saddest part of the whole thing is that, all this self-esteem bolstering that parents think they are doing these days is creating a mentality in kids that they can do no wrong. Instead of a generation of well-adjusted, realistic, likable kids, the result is a generation of assholes.

  8. I couldn’t watch all of it!! And although my kids would tell you that I’m a hardass when it comes to following through w/ my threats…after seeing just a snippet of this, I’ll be making an even larger effort to be the hardass they already believe me to be.

  9. This is really upsetting. What is the matter with people? So sad and so scary to think that this goes on and may someday be the generation of people “taking care” of things when we get old.

    And on a much, much lighter note…I’m not sure how you’ll take this, (hopefully with cream and sugar) but I have bestowed the “Fabulous Ribbon Award” unto you, Arrogant SOB, because I enjoy your brand of “take no prisoners, telling it like it is, no bullshit, get outta my face or I’ll smack yo’ Mama” humor. And it’s great when you call people on their bodacious amounts of human bullshitedness as exhibited in the post above. Keep it up. Come by and pick up your award because Bill Maher wasn’t available to accept on your behalf.

  10. Thought of you today when they announced on Jersey 101.5 that the bastards got a one year suspension from school as well as one year suspension from the bus (which pretty much goes without saying). I hope the little shit heads learn something.

    • This is almost so weird it’s hard to believe. I heard the exact same thing announced on the exact same radio station. I never listen to 101.5 normally but I was stuck in traffic today on the GSP (Shocking!) and was tuned in for a traffic report. Weird…

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