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Party’s Over…

September 6, 2012

Thankfully and mercifully, President Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention, scheduled for later tonight, will put an end to the conventions of the two main political parties. Over the last ten days, we have had to endure a plethora of plastic haired douchebags ramble on and on endlessly, each telling us why they really give a shit about us, and why the other guys are so awful. (You thought I was gonna say a plethora of pinatas, didn’t you , El Guapo?) These speeches have been bogged down with facts and figures that range anywhere from mildly exaggerated to “are-you-fucking-with-me?” flat-out bullshit. (I’m looking at you Paul Ryan, with your Eddie Munster face. Lying asshole.)

Anyway, with so much well-funded rhetoric being thrown around, I can’t help but wonder, why not abolish political parties altogether? (I know it is not at all realistic, so spare me the history lesson of the two-party system. This discussion is meant to be more hypothetical. I don’t have any real hope of it ever being reality.)

Imagine a world where a political candidate actually had to stand on his own, and take a stand on an issue, without the cover of a political party? Imagine if we, as voters, actually had to learn about someone before we cast our vote for or against him, rather than just assign our loyalty blindly based on the group of people he/she aligns himself with? Would it force us to actually pay attention?

Think about it: How any people do you know stand in line, like perfect little goddamn sheep, with everything their chosen party represents? I know plenty. In fact, with most people I know, I can correctly assume where they will land on a particular subject based solely on whether they are a Republican or a Democrat. What does that say about a person? It says that he/she is a lazy, mindless drone. And these people are EVERYWHERE.

This does not only apply to one party or the other, by the way. The left-wing radical is just as brainwashed as the Limbaugh lovers of the world. For every Sean Hannity, there is a Keith Olberman. For every Mark Levine, there is a Michael Moore. Fuck them all. Make up your own mind. Take on a subject, absorb as much information as you can and draw an educated conclusion you are comfortable supporting, and fight for it.

Also, wouldnt a party-less system open up the talent pool for potential politicians? Should a political party really have the power to decide for us what general set of values best represents us? I am a free market capitalist and a civil libertarian, which generally make s me a Republican. However, I am ardently pro-choice, anti-gun and pro gay everything, which would make Democrats love me. So where do I go when I want to run for office? I can’t, because certain beliefs I hold dear would be a hearty “fuck you” in the face of either party. (Also, I can’t because I have a blog that is full of black guy and fat girl jokes.)

And my guess is that I am not alone. I like to think that most of the country would not fit neatly into one box or another. So who represents us? Why do I have to support the pro-life movement if I want to support tax breaks for corporations that build and manufacture products (and jobs) in this country? Why should I have to support open immigration just because I think everyone is entitled to quality health care? Can’t I decide where I stand on each subject, individually?

Hell with it. Let’s remove the protective labels from these assholes and force them to tell us what they really believe in, rather than what their benefactors believe in. But don’t worry, I turn 35 next year, so this will be the last election that I am not legally allowed to run for president. 2016, here I come….

  1. Hey Mon! permalink

    This. Time 1000.

  2. Hey Mon! permalink

    (that was supposed to say times 1000)

  3. Hey Mon! permalink

    Except I’m more capitalist with some regulation, pro-gun with some restriction (no one who’s EVER been convicted of any type of assault or involuntarily committed for suicidal or homicidal ideation – much less the general restrictions for criminal and civil issues – plus limits on amounts of ammo and types of weapons) , pro-gay (you were born that way, baby). I’m really sick of the two-party domination over politics. Why are there so many restrictions on 3rd party/independent candidates getting on the ballot? I could go on, but you get the idea…

  4. nancy permalink

    Amen, brother!

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