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October 12, 2012

So as you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been pretty quiet lately.  I’d love to justify my absence with tales of adventure, espionage and international intrigue, but that would all be bullshit.  Truth is I just haven’t been all that inspired to post anything.  Until today…

So what did it take to arouse me from the general blogging malaise that has overtaken me recently?  Is it the presidential election?  The never-fucking-ending medieval-era barbarianism that is the entire middle east?  Maybe some thoughts on the economy?

Ummm. No.  It’s none of those.  Turns out all it takes to get my antenna up is one thing:  A mouthy black bitch taking a haymaker from a city bus driver.  Oh, and a good Samaritan who was good enough to capture it on video so we all can partake in the debauchery. Enjoy this video (I certainly did).  The payoff is at the :23 second mark.”

OK.  Let’s Tosh this shit up:  (As always, feel free to post your own Tosh-esque reply in the comments section.)

1.  OK.  Cedric the Entertainer has taken this “Black Ralph Kramden” thing WAY too far.  “To da Moon, Alice!”

2.  Apparently, “You goin to jail nah!” is new ebonic slang for “You are about to be flat on your fucking back, bitch!”

3.  Maybe now she’ll think twice before  crossing the white line while the bus is in motion…

4.  This is what happens in Cleveland, Ohio when you don’t have exact change for public transportation…

5.  If there was a white guy anywhere on that bus, he watched that punch and thought “Shit, you just KNOW this isn’t gonna end well for me.”  Although this was in Cleveland, so the odds of that white man existing are slim…

6.  That is the exact reenactment of the scene that plays out in the imagination of every guy with a nagging wife…

7.  Chris Brown is driving a city bus now?

8.  Somebody buy Nicki Minaj a Cleveland Ohio bus pass.  Pretty please?

9.  You see the wind up on that punch?  Who taught this guy how to throw a punch?  Popeye?

10.  I was horrified at the laughter that broke out on the bus when he laid her out.  Then I realized that I have not watched this video once without nearly wetting myself, so who am I to talk?

OK.  Your turn.  It’s good to be back…

  1. Alan permalink

    always wanted to do that. I know , I know, never hit a woman. But I bet that felt good and yes she is a female but calling her a woman is a stretch.

  2. gsekse permalink

    Video link is broken.

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