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Warming Up…

February 16, 2013

So, where were we?

I am desperately trying to get back into the habit of maintaining this god-awful site.  I’ll get there, I promise.  With that in mind, I noticed something this morning that I thought was worth mentioning.

The video below was featured on the Yahoo home page this morning:


Now, the commercial is funny enough, but not really note-worthy enough to post about.  What got my fat, greasy sausage fingers moving this morning was the comments section that accompanied the video on the bottom of the page.  I was shocked to see that a majority of the posters labeled this as “cruel” and threatened that if this happened to them, they would most definitely sue for millions.

If you are ever looking for evidence as to why the rest of the world generally mock and hate us here in the USA, allow me to present “Exhibit A”.

Now, if you don’t happen to find the commercial funny, that is fine.  That’s certainly your right.  However, to label this as cruel or insensitive is preposterous.  And if you are someone who did find this cruel or lawsuit-worthy, I have a very important message for you:  The world would be a much better place if you killed yourself.  Today.  Those around you most likely feel the same way but are too polite to tell you.  So allow me to perform this public service on behalf of humanity.  You are about as likeable as childhood cancer.  There.  Now you know.

(I just now remembered how much fun it is to be mean to people.)

Be back in the full swing soon.  See you then.


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