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Who The Hell Do I Think I Am?

So who is this ego-maniacal, pompous ass?  Fair question, I suppose.  I am no one of note.  I am not rich, nor famous, nor exceptional in really any way.  I am of painfully average intelligence, looks and personality.  The only thing that sets me apart from most is a low-level of tolerance for bullshit, and a genuine appreciation for sincerity, no matter how insulting or politically incorrect.  In short, I am you, only louder, and perhaps a bit more profane.  Enjoy….

  1. Have you read my post where I say I’m not a bully, I’m a bullshit caller? I think you’re right. We could be soul mates.

    • Well, looky here. I am in the presence of the legend. Would you believe a three sentence comment under your weekly wrap up got me about three times more followers today than I have had any other day in the life of this young blog? You have an amazing following. Congratulations to you…

  2. Heather permalink

    Tix is so sweet..! Love Jen, liking you so far.. :0)

  3. Heather permalink

    “THIS”. Dammit”!

    • Don’t worry. Nothing annoys me more than grammar and type-o nazis. You are safe here. Appreciate you taking the time to stop by…

  4. Tiffany permalink

    I too consider myself to be a bullshit caller! However, you two are the king and queen of bullshit calling. I absolutely love it. LOVE it. I laugh so loud that my kid has to come in here and check on my stupid ass, and of course, he’s got to be nosy about what Mommy thinks is so damn funny.

    • I’ve learned to start posting either after they go to bed or at nap time. Cause when my three year old twins see me typing away, they always want me to read them whatever I am writing. My wife would have a stroke…

  5. Tiffany permalink

    Then again, all the kid sees when he looks at the screen….a bunch of words that he is NOT going to take the time to read. Ha.

  6. Jennyfur permalink

    I’m a bullshit noticer, then I move on.

  7. Patty permalink

    My middle school child says she is the only kid in school who is called to the office for the antics her mother pulls. I am telling you right now, middle school is effing insane. My child has my husband’s passive nature, as opposed to my “in your face” or “you talking to me” attitude. I hope in time she will see the benefit of not tolerating bullshit from anyone. She sits at the feet of the master. That is all.

  8. Niki permalink

    Any new posts headed our way? Hope all is well and you’re just being lazy but my husband and I miss your blog posts!

    • Yeah, sorry bout that. Its been
      Ten percent laziness, and ninety percent NHL playoffs. Love the Devils. HATE the Rangers. And they play every other night, so I’m either staying up late watching games or going to bed early to resolve the exhaustion from staying up watching games. I do have something that should post tonight that will start some fires, so be prepared. Thanks for checkin in…

  9. Dan permalink

    When I hear that you “hate the Rangers” I know I raised you right

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